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  Few creative and Popular Intimate Ideas of Independent Call Girls in Delhi

Is your sex life mundane for you? It is not just your story, but 80% of men can easily relate to it. Have you thought of going for an escort? We Guess is the only and the best remedy to break the ordinary status of your sexual life. Would every escort serve you the purpose of hire? It is not, to have an extraordinarily creative escort to break and get free from the unexciting sexual life.

Delhi call girls are the pick when you crave some new ideas of intimacy to have the flame of intimacy alive in your life. 

Before you go for the girls, here are some of the hottest ideas of intimacy practised by our creative and innovative Independent Call Girls in Delhi  –

Bondage – how about having intimacy with a handcuffed partner? Our girls with the use of different kinds of hand, leg and body binding tools make the intimacy highly amazing. Get on the couch, carpet or kitchen with handcuffed or blindfolded partner. Isn't this new? we are sure you must have not practised it before. Rejoice in our girls’ hot touch, fingers, hands and feel of private parts all over your body. Isn’t this mind-boggling? The experience with our babes will be much more nostalgic.  

Toys, edible sex items and massage oils -   You may use either of these or any two depending upon your needs. These are used by our escorts to initiate and instigate the act of intimacy from foreplay to the next level of having an orgasmic release. Everything is safe to be used or consumed, so what are you waiting for? Go for any of these or all one by one to experience beyond your anticipation.
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